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WELCOME! Skye Brokerage is among the world’s first “Green” brokerages. At Skye we say we’re ” eco-smart. market-wise ” and here is what that means to you…

Skye is built upon a Hybrid Virtual Model. The model provides a smart tech platform for conducting business and for conserving the earth’s resources. The end results are better service to our clients, better trained Realtors, and a more efficient business environment for our clients and agents. We care deeply about our performance and our environment.

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We provide you direct searches of the 4,000+ properties on the El Paso Multiple Listing Service. Or, you may consult a Skye agent for guidance on areas and neighborhoods that might best meet your needs, then search. Or, we can program a robotic search, tailored to your criteria, and emailed to you every morning…. you’ll be among the first to know of new listings within your criteria.

All About El Paso: New to town? Please read the narrative overview and detailed area descriptions in ABOUT EL PASO for a condensed and colorful familiarization tour of El Paso. Also, check out restaurant descriptions and ratings in our community links area.

The technologies used to move us to a smart platform are tested, tried and true, and tend to be just behind the “leading edge” for reliability and ease of use. We use many approaches at exploiting efficiencies, including, for example, faxes are received and converted to email (rather than paper) and sent to the designee by email(rather than drive to the office to fetch). Files are kept electronically and are redundantly backed up to local storage and to on-line, off-site, storage. A number of office files are available on-line, all the time, to Skye agents in a virtual office space.

The cost and effort needed to sustain a professional office are replaced with a much lower cost model which is useful from anywhere in the world. This model allows Skye to focus on those things that provide true benefits to our clients, including better representation, better agent training, and easier development of proprietary processes designed to serve the client. We estimate that our carbon footprint from operations (measured in dollars saved in supporting business infrastructure and agent vehicle expenses) is about 15% that of a traditional brokerage. This represents a significant environmental benefit, accompanied by an actual improvement in client services.

We place a high value on agent training and conduct about 25 training sessions each year. Each session normally covers one or two new concepts. We are so tuned in to the benefits of knowlege that we pointedly do not have Company Meetings, rather we have Training Sessions. The end result is that at the end of a year, each Skye agent has 30 or so new ideas and new skills aimed at serving the client’s objectives.

We believe that Skye leads the way in our ability to evaluate property value for both seller and buyer clients. We augment traditional market analysis with our market balance tools which not only define the lables of Buyer’s Market and Seller’s Market, but also the depth of those markets for the city, neighborhood, and specific property. This exceptionally clear market view helps buyers and sellers set terms and value in a new brighter light. This very often leads to greater success in the transaction, and significantly improves client confidence.

Taking the market balance analysis one step further, we also include a view into the short term month-to-month market by factoring in Pending contracts to the viewpoint.

We also place a high value on responsibility and effectivity. That is why each agent at Skye is also a shareholder in the company with a stake in our overall performance, and in individual success.

In the whole, we find that all of these actions bring a more responsive brokerage, offering higher levels of service, while using the least natural resources.


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Lorena, or Edna is a vey knowledgeable about the real estate in El Paso and she will guide you with patience to the right location and home for you. She showed me house after house and I was desperate to buy a home because we were in temporary housing and… (more)

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